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Single System ACL!

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I was flipping through a Victor Duncan catalog circa. 1980 and came across a
single system(!) ACL setup. I've never seen one of these units  nor have I
come across the special magazines (200' and 400') required to use it. It's
obsolete stuff I know, but I was wondering if anybody has ever seen a setup
like this or seen the mags. Apparently there was a Cannon plug at the back
of the mag that interfaced with the amplifier in the base of the camera.
Maybe that was the future electronics to be added to the expanded ACL II
base. Eclair must not have sold a lot of these because like I said I've
never seen it, not on ebay, not in Insync, nowhere. If you've seen this
before or know anything about it let us know. Can the single system mags be
used as a normal mag?
-Ray the List Mum

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