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Re: Re; Super16 Conversion

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I've sent an e-mail to Les Bosher to find out about his services and will report back. It sounds to me like the 500 (British Pound) conversion is along the lines of the cheaper "Poor Man's" kit offered at www.members.aol.com/Super16ACL. That kit is Flange and Shutter only; no mirror re-center; existing R-16 plate to be re-machined. Since no new parts are used in his conversion, then he probably modifies the existing R-16 Flange and Shutter too, which would be functional --- I originally did that with my camera --- no new parts at all, just modified R-16 parts --- and eventually created the HD-144 kit because it made me paranoid to be using juryrigged parts --- even though it worked. I wanted a camera that was "factory" new-like). Perhaps Les can give a good rate to those looking to install a kit (either "Poor Mans" or the full HD-144 kit) who don't have an ACL tech that they love in the USA. Since the camera was manufactured for a while in England, I'll bet the British old-timers are quite good.

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