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Re: normal 16mm format

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I caught onto a thread over at the Cinematography Mailing List regarding the
argument for and against Super 16. Some were making the same argument you
are regarding the additional expense in upgrading the equipment, printing
issues, et al. One was advocating a top of the frameline framing approach to
shooting for 1.85 in reg 16. I shoot primarily for straight to video and
still use reg 16 since NTSC is a 4:3 frame. I have never shot an S16 to 35
blow up and correct me if I'm wrong but you are dealing with an optical
which would require as much picture information as possible to compensate
for the loss of resolution during the optical process. My reasons for
planning to upgrade to S16 are simple, HDTV. As is well known, the S16 frame
matches well to the aspect ratio of widescreen 1080i HiDef. And the
resolution of Super 16 blows 1080i out of the water. The ACL is a relatively
easy upgrade compared to other camera systems (trust me I just bought an
Arri M cheap on ebay and an S16 upgrade is a major undertaking). My feeling
is those who are not concerned with picture quality are going with DV,
thereby ridding themselves of most of the headaches of shooting film, while
those of us who care about a beautiful image are staying the course with

Hi, everyone As a filmmaker who's been shooting mostly 35mm features, I've always felt
 that shooting 16mm is a lot less stressful economically and easier on the
 back carrying all that 35mm film around. I've shot documentaries in
 on 5 thousand dollar budgets that would be impossible to make in 35mm.
 planning to put my ACL to good use now that I've purchased one. I'm
 intrigued by the number of people shooting Super 16. Why so much emphasis
 for shooting Super 16 when it's an all around headache to work with Super
 16. The processing, telecine, printing, editing, projection -- all these
 problems to deal with just to end up with a bit sharper picture. Is it
 worth it?
Cordially Vic

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