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Re: A-minima, and R vrs S-16

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In a message dated 5/28/01 11:12:50 AM, valexander@stan.csustan.edu writes:

<< Okay, I can accept the part about blowing up to 35mm, but what about

straight to video? Can you tell the difference between a movie shot on Super

16 and regular 16, viewing it on the TV monitor? >>

it's about the aspect ratio if you are shooting for cinema..s 16 is best.
if you are going to video, if you light , expose, and use great lenses,
the material can look nearly as good as 35mm...but thing about it..
35mm has more than twice the image size thats twice the molecules...
16 is beautiful...but it aint 35!

the s-16 on the acl is good because many people are shooting in 1:66;1
for the HD or wide screen format.  Our cams are depreciating as film schools
don't even teach film anymore...all DV..., so in a few years 3/4 aspect ratio
will old school making those cams real antiques.

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