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ACL Emergency!

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I have an ACL emergency! I just received a very kind letter from Mark at Super16ACL@aol.com informing me of this website. I never new this existed as I am new to the internet in general, and he felt I could get the info that I was looking for here. Here is my question:

Has anybody had a Super 16 conversion done to their camera at Optical Electro House, and if so was it well done? I am considering this company for my conversion and I would just like to get a review of their work by somebody who has experienced it.

Now for the tricky part. Can anybody respond to me sometime today 5/30/01. The reason is that I am heading out to LA tomorrow for Show Biz Expo and I was planning on bringing my camera out there for the conversion. I would have asked this question sooner had I known that this site existed but I didn't. Can anybody help me with this crucial and potentially expensive decision? If you can, I will be forever in your debt!

Thank You So Much,
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