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Re: Aminima 200' film loads work with ACL!

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Right, now your gettin' it. It's good for S16 or reg
16. The old 200' daylight spools are double perf and
noisy. You need to re-read my first post. I explained
how the Aminima stock is a special daylight load, but
all it really is, is a regular 2" camera core with
removable plastic flanges. Go to the Abelcine.com site
and download the Aminima manual. You'll see what I'm
talking about.

--- Zestypix@aol.com wrote:

ahhh so the advantage is the single perf for s-16..
for reg 16 it takes away the luxury of daylight

I had seen special plastic spools for the minima..
I don't remember needing a core???

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