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Re: Eclair battery recells?

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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In a message dated 6/6/01 11:07:15 PM, cinesota@yahoo.com writes:

<< I need recommendations for a company that does quality
battery rebuilds/recells? I picked up a couple of 12v
batteries with an ACL kit.  Their in good shape, but
dead. Both are original Eclair branded batteries, 12v,
4pin XLR. One is a sealed belt unit built by Anton
Bauer, the other is an over the shoulder Eclair unit
with six 2v cells wired together in a leather
pouch/purse. I'm thinking I might be able to replace
the cells in that one, but the Bauer unit is another
story. I'd like to keep both. Any suggestions?
Ray >>

cine 60 on 9th avenue in new york does a good job.
I think the address is 630 9th ave(the film building,
between 44th & 45th street 2nd flr.  I know they had a retail
store downstairs that closed but I think they are still recelling batts
for an inexpensive price and very well on the 2nd floor.

if you have trouble contacting them, (in case battery tech part is under a different name) try calling TCS at the same location. It's a camera rental house and ask where to
recell....they might say they do it or tell you about Cine 60.

There you have it.


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