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Word from Jean Pierre at Aaton

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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When aaton bought what were the remainings of Eclair International in 1985, we kindly 'gave' the spare parts to a group of ex-eclair workers
to help them raise a start-up 'NPR & ACL spare parts and maintenance' co.
But after a while this group faded away too because of the lack
of a sufficient customer base.

A reliable source could be Bernard Dechaumel,
through his brother Michel Dechaumel (a founder of the ex-Eclair spare parts providing co.), he has access to some spares left aside after the disappearence of the co.

Bernard started his career as an Eclair manufacturing tech in Paris,
he then came to Aaton Grenoble to run our maintenance shop, twenty year after he went back to Paris to run his own one-man ACL repair shop. Because of lack of acl
customers he is now an employee of a camera rental company.

Contact him at Planning Camera 01 4521 8944,
to see if he can spare some of his week-end time
for you.
Good luck for your ACL revival effort!

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