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Re: Fujinon 12.5mm lens

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support _____ ListBot Sponsor Get a low APR NextCard Visa in 30 seconds! 1. Fill in the brief application 2. Receive approval decision within 30 seconds 3. Get rates as low as 2.99% Intro or 9.99% Ongoing APR and no annual fee! Apply NOW! http://www.bcentral.com/listbot/NextCard _____ I ended up buying a non rx 10mm switar. it looks a little odd on a big camera like my ACL because it's so small. very lightweight though. the only drawback is the front thread is some non standard size. series 5 I think? so I can't use standard photo filters. otherwise I like it. > >This is a followup to a previous thread regarding >prime lenses for the ACL. I shot some footage with a >new Fujinon 12.5mm TV lens I picked up cheap on ebay. >Very impressive. Everything was tack sharp. Even out >to the edges of the frame. Color reproduction looked >good although I didn't try it with other lenses to see >how well it matched. Very useful for tight quarters >shooting and relatively fast at f1.4. No issues with >back element and mirror clearance either. It even >mounted to my reflex Bolex no problem. All in all a >good bargain. Only thing I don't like about it is the >hash mark indicating your focus and aperture point is >at the bottom of the lens when mounted. Easily fixed >by a good lens tech. >It's worth noting that these lenses can be had new for >under $200 at CCTV online sites. >Happy shooting! >-Ray _____ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at http://explorer.msn.com _____ To unsubscribe, write to EclairACL-unsubscribe@listbot.com