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Re: Eclair ACL tech in Philadelphia?

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Hi Marc,
Welcome to the List. I don't know of any techs in
Phillie. ACL techs are few and far between. There's
probably a rental house in town and you could see if
they'd check over the camera for you or they might
know of someone. Otherwise look the camera over and if
it looks to be in good shape, then it probably is.
Check the optics, are they clean? No fungus? ACL's are
brutally simple mechanisms and you can tell more from
just running film thru it than anything else. If it's
extra noisy would be a tip off it needs work. There
has been an effort on the List to compile a database
of good ACL techs but it hasn't born much fruit. This
is not an endorsement mind you, because I haven't used
him, but a guy named Bernie at laserbrighten.com does
ACL work and actually worked for Eclair in the 70's.
He would probably be a good start. I don't know if collimating the 9.5-95 lens would help
much with sharpness. Neither the Angie 12-120 or
9.5-95 are the sharpest lenses around, at least
compared to modern optics. But either will do a decent
job. I've heard the same thing about the 15-150, seems
to be a symptom of all older Angenieux's. Sounds like
you have a pretty nice lens package. I love c-mount TV
lenses myself. Good quality, cheap glass. I would like
to find one of those Computar zooms for my Bolex. I
have a Fujinon 12.5 prime that rocks! Regarding the motor issue, I would go with whatever
comes with the camera. Tobin is building a very nice
modern motor for the ACL and it would probably be
about the same price as upgrading the motor with an
original ACL heavy duty motor if you can find one.
Check out the Tobin website or check the ACL List
archives for more info. Well I hope this helped. Keep
us updated on how it goes. Anybody else want to weigh
in and help Marc out?

--- Marc Syp <mpsyp@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi all. I'm glad I found this forum. I've scraped up quite a bit of info on the ACL over the past few years, but this is the first time I've seen a gathering of dedicated users. I've been wanting an ACL for some time now... it sure seems to be a great camera and underrated, too! Anyway, I'm finally in a position to buy an ACL. If the deal goes through I will fly to Philadephia to pick it up. But before I get there I want a qualified tech to look it over carefully, test it, and if there are no problems, service it with a clean, lube, and adjust.
Is there anyone that can do this in the Philadelphia
Also, the camera would come with a 9.5-95mm
Angenieux lens, T/2.8. I've heard this lens can be a little soft. Would a collimation help or am I better off sending one of my 12-120s to the tech to collimate to the camera? I have plenty of c-mount lenses, including a few 12-120s, a 15-150, a 12.5-75, a 25/0.95, a computar 12.5-75/1.2 (excellent lens, by the way, for $50!!!), and a non-RX switar 10mm/1.6. Sorry, just had to brag. Finally, how much would I expect to pay for a 24fps crystal motor, and how much for a heavy duty one that also has variable speed? Anyway, any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks. Marc

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