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ACL Barney

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I just received this e-mail from the maker of the ACL Barney that I recommend on my site at www.members.aol.com/Super16acl:

I am the designer and manufacturer of the barney for the ACL and other cameras. I am not a camera operator. I am interested in improving the ACL barney and any of the barneys that I make, so any input you can give me I'd appreciate it. I liked your review. People are just so busy that they don't always get back to me with their comments good or bad.
Lynn Leonard

I replied:

Hi, glad to hear from you. My overall note on the ACL Barney is what was in my little review --- padding. I'd also suggest extending the length at the front another half inch or so to allow a lot more padding there ---- much of the noise comes from the front of the camera where the claw contacts the film. Also noise leaks from the open area at the bottom where there is a gap beside the base area--- you might want to have a little "flap" stiched on one side with a big pad on it, and this flap would flip across and velcro to the other side --- the pad would end up going in between the gap where the bottom of the magazine meets the camera. In other words, the only bare area would be very base of the camera where it rests on the tripod. Please keep me posted on any design changes, and I'd be glad to update the site. Thanks. Mark. PS - The motor is extremely quiet, so that allowing a hole for the motor inching knob does not add noise. It is important that the inching knob not come into contact with anything; also the operator very frequently needs access to it. My final suggestion, a pocket stiched to the rear to hold the battery. This could be an option for an extra fee --- but most ACL 1 owners would probably jump at it, since the camera didn't have an on-board holder.

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