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Re: Very Nice!

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I just finished two large projects shooting with a French made ACL 1.5  I
was very nervous on the both projects until I saw the footage in the Rank
transfer.  It was perfect. The registration was tight and clean.

We sent the camera to George at Optical Electro in the US for an overhaul
and tested it out with a few rolls.  In the past we have rented an Arri SR
but on these project we decided to purchase a camera so we would have the
freedom to shoot when wanted too. However we couldn't afford and Arri SR so
I felt like we were taking a big risk shooting with a camera that is no
longer manufactured and has limited repair facilities and spare parts.  So I
feel pretty lucky that the risk has paid off.  The camera runs very quietly
and never has eaten or damaged film.

I do have a problem now however... I have a newer Angeniuex orientable
viewfinder and if the camera is laid on it's side over night, one of the
elements drifts out of alignment so that when you look thru the view finder
only half of the image can be seen.  However, if you set the camera up
right, especially in a warm spot (i.e. in the sun), the problem disappears.
So I know something's loose because the prism or internal element slides
back into place.  However I have taken it to a highly qualified lens tech
twice and he seemed to zero in on the problem very quickly and fix it.
However it never lasts! The problem quickly arises again.   Is there anyone
out there that you folks can recommend?

Also, I live in Colorado and have a nature documentary planned and would
like to know if the Angeniuex 12-240 is a good lens - provided it's been
taken good care of???

I'm also interested in the Super 16 kit you mention, however, I'm a little
nervous about the conversion.  I've gone to Super16ACL site but have not
felt real comfortable mainly due to the lack of recommendations of good
technician???   Also from what I understand my very sharp 10-100 T*(i.e.
T2.8) would not be convertible to super16?

Finally I would prefer an online forum if there was a history of prior

My hats off to whomever created this ACL email service. I believe this is
the only place to facilitate information on this camera system and it's much

PS. I will send Tobin my interest in their new motor too.

Thanks all!

Chris Bell
Colorado, USA

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Subject: July 2001 "Heads Up"

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Hi All,
To our American Listees, I hope everyone had a good, safe 4th of July.

I have some bad news. Apparently Bill Gates has decided that Listbot isn't
profitable enough, so Microsoft will be closing it down August 20. Good
news is I have found a couple of other possible list services and will
look into moving the ACL List over in the next couple of weeks.
Things have been pretty quiet on the List lately and before I go to the
trouble of moving everything I want to confirm that the ACL List is
proving useful to everybody. If you have any feedback on how we can
improve the List please let me know. You can post to the List or send me
an off-list email at cinesota@yahoo.com
We hit 30 members yesterday and I haven't seen a post in a couple of
weeks. Would a regular online forum be better or should we stay the course
with an email list service? Should we expand the scope of the List or keep
it ACL only? I need some feedback. I understand we are talking about a
tool here, a camera, so day to day discussions are not expected, but I
should see at least a couple of posts a week to feel this is a viable
effort. Help me out here folks and tell me what we need to do. How can we
make the ACL List better? 'Nuff said.

I have corresponded with Clive Tobin and he has been swamped with other
work and hasn't been able to work on the ACL motor. If you are planning to
upgrade your camera you should drop him a line and let him know you are
interested. If he gets enough requests he may finally get the thing

I just purchased two of the HD144 Super 16 parts kits from Mark
(Super16ACL@aol.com) and I have to say WOW! The stuff looks like it came
from Eclair itself. If you are contemplating an S16 upgrade for your ACL I
highly recommend getting one of these kits. Mark is also working on a
throat extender for the ACL 200' mags to allow better hand holdability.
Right on Mark! Let him know if you are interested in this upgrade.

There is a very nice ACL kit on ebay right now. If your in the market you
might check it out at

And lastly if you have shot something with your ACL and you want to plug
it on the List, feel free. Tell us how the camera worked out. If you are
currently shooting keep us updated.

That's about it.
Good luck and happy shooting.
Ray the List Mum

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