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Re: Switar vs. Kinoptic

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Interesting. I wish I had snapped up the Aspheron that was on eBay a few weeks ago... it went for $112 or so. Youch!

Marc S.

From: "Julian Williamson" <julian3rd@earthlink.net>


Barrel distortion on the Switar w/ Aspheron (which comes out to 6mm) is
noticeable, but not bad.

The 5.7mm Kinoptik field of vision is remarkably flat.

Both these have about a 110 degree angle of view, so panning the camera
quickly does give an odd effect.

Interestingly enough, virtually everything from the iris rods to infinity is
in focus when using either of these lenses.

The Kinoptik 5.7 has no focus ring, and the Switar's is set to a preset
position and left there...


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