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Re: Eclair ACL Matt Box

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Cavision also builds a 4x4 version that mounts to a
set of 15mm rods. Price quoted to me for the basic
setup was around $500 with rods. You can add on extras
like an eyebrow, handgrips, and possibly some follow
focus units. I've seen reviews in video mags and it
rates pretty well. Regarding the Arri-Eclair adaptor, you might try Les
Bosher (les@lesbosher.co.uk), he custom builds just
about any mount you would like for the ACL and his
rates are very reasonable. Tell him you found him on
the ACL List.

--- Chris Bell <cbell00@home.com> wrote:

Yes, there is a nice inexpensive 3x3 system from
www.cavision.com  It's not
as rugged as other systems but for $250 for a 2
filter holder (one that
rotates) you can't beat it.  I use mine on both our
broadcast video camera
lens and our Zeiss 10-100 ACL.  It's the round one
that mounts to the end of
the lens. It does not use rods.
Chris Bell

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From: Stephen Chown <sdchown@yahoo.com>


New to the group, and here are my first questions:

Has anybody successfully adapted some other cameras
Matte Box to their ACL? I am looking to do this as
cheaply as possible. Any advice welcome.

I also need a ARRI-Standard to Eclair adapter. Where
would be a good place to look?

 Stephen Chown

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