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Re: Behind the lens filters

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Regarding Behind-the-lens filters, I am one of those who disagree with Mark.
I've shot thousands of feet of footage with a filter in the slot, and have
had not problem.

You MUST keep the gelatine scrupulously clean:  I have 3 holders:  the one
in the camera, which is generally empty, and two that fit into the old-style
handle.  Keep them in the handle, and they remain dust-free.  Be sure not to
get fingerprints on the filter when you cut them out.  I use cotton editors
gloves for this purpose.  (If you do get a fingerprint on, throw it away.
Don't attempt to clean it)  Though I've never tried it, the rules say to
never stack filters in the holder...(never more than 1 piece of gelatine)

I use Kodak's Wratten filters, which are consistent, thin, and made for this
purpose.  Do not use thicker lighting gels.  Replace the gelatine
frequently.  They're cheap.

Mostly, I use 85's for tungsten film to daylight correction.  I also use a
series of ND filters when I want to keep the lens aperture in a consistent
position through changes in lighting, to control depth of field, or to keep
the lens aperture in the best position out-of-doors (instead of f/16, I'd
like to shoot at 5.6 or 4 maybe...)

I've also used combos, like using a gelatine filter in the holder, plus
grads or other filters on the matte box out front.  Again, no problem.


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Subject: Re: Behind the lens filters
Date: Mon, Jul 16, 2001, 4:42 PM

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support


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Hi Nick. Behind the lens gelatine filters went out of vogue a long time ago.
All it takes  is for one piece of dust to settle on it, and your footage is
toast. In the HD-144 Super-16 conversion manual, I recommend that the ACL's
filter slot be filled with epoxy and the top plastic piece of the clip be
glued in just as an ornament.

But others might disagree.  Mark.

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