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Rubber coupling for motor

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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I don't know if other's ACLs use the same piece, but I'm looking for anyone who can sell me or help me find the rubber coupling piece that connects the motor shaft to the camera shaft (it has two holes on either side which engage with the two shafts). A little while back two holes on mine got torn and the camera started "slipping." I fixed it temporarily by turning the piece 90 degress and using two fresh holes, bypassing the torn ones - this was just to finish the project at the time. Now I want to replace the piece for good.

Since the camera was built by George at Optical House, I e-mailed him first about getting a replacement and he said he didn't sell parts. As much as I would love to get the camera overhauled by George, I can't afford it right now and would much rather just fix this little problem myself.

Thanks for any help,

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