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Re: ACL vs. NPR

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Try hand-holding both cameras and see which feels best to you. The NPR rests ON your shoulder, (kind of like an Aaton --- but less comfortable), the ACL rests more up against your shoulder (more like an SR). The anatomic grip of the ACL II is much better designed for hand-holding than the handle with the ACL 1 and 1.5. It also depends on whether you plan to use 200' or 400' mags with the ACL. The 200' mags are obviously lighter, but with a dramatic scene of any length you end up with a lot of mag changes (and more short ends). I've never compared them side by side, but I seem to recall the NPR is a little quieter (assuming no Barney on either). The variable shutter probably has two main uses: 1) To give that jerky "MTV" look; (2) To shoot off a TV screen at 144 degrees .... although as I recall the setting on the NPR is only approximate at 144. I think that the NPR is a terrific camera --- but my shoulder can't handle the weight. The NPR is a tank --- the ACL is more 'delicate' , and is a "one owner" camera. The NPR has a registration pin, but the ACL also has excellent registration. Make sure you get the ACL heavy duty motor to run 400' mags. You can get a comparison of ACL models at my site www.members.aol.com/super16acl.

Anyone out there currently using both for a better comparison?

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