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"Heads Up" 7/28/2001 **Important Info**

Eclair ACL Discussion and Support

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Hi All,
Well kids this is the last "Heads Up" from the Listbot forum. I've
officially moved the list to Topica.com.
For those of you who have joined since my July 5th Heads Up, Listbot.com
is closing it's doors as of August 20th. The ACL List will be viewable
until the 20th but you won't be able to post to the List past the 6th.
Topica will be sending an invite to all current listees inviting you to
join up at the new list. I know this is a drag for those off you who just joined and now have to
rejoin again. You can continue to post to the Listbot site if you want but
I have transferred all the archives through today's date and I won't be
moving anymore to the new site after today. I won't maintain the Listbot
list past today either. The invite should be pretty painless, I believe
all you need to do is respond to the email and you'll be signed up. The
invites should go out Sunday.

For you real go getters out there you can go to:

and sign up there or just send a blank email to:

and that will get you on as well. Sorry about all this but I think Topica
will be a good (and hopefully lasting) home for us. It has a better layout
and is much more people oriented (Listbot was geared more towards
businesses). Thanks to all who have joined and contributed to the ACL List. I hope to
see you at Topica.
If you have any problems moving let me know at  cinesota@yahoo.com  and
I'll see if I can help.
-Ray the List Mum

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