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Timelapse motor

Last week I was talking about the possibility of adapting an ITSM BXDC time-lapse stop-motion control motor to the ACL.

Last night I received the system. I know that I can adapt it to my Beaulieu R16 but I'm not sure about the ACL because I haven't received my ACL yet.


Somebody responded that the inching knob is indeed a 1:1 ratio. Now I need to know which way the knob turns to advance a frame. As far as I can tell, the motor is on the left side of the ACL (when facing forward or away) and so I would guess that you turn the inching knob counter-clockwise (when looking top-down at the knob) to advance a frame. Unfortunately, the motor I have only does time-lapse when turning clockwise... it will turn the other way, but each frame must be triggered individually. The manual says that this function (reverse) is provided for rotoscoping individual frames.

In any case, can anyone confirm which way the inching knob must be turned to advance the frame?


The motor works great except it is a little weak. By that I mean that sometimes the motor gets stuck (like it's spinning its wheels) and I have to touch it ever so slightly to get it back on track. I suspect the motor hasn't been used in ages so it may be just dirty or maybe a part is worn. Where could I send a specialized motor such as this for service? Or could anyone experienced with small motors give it a cleaning and lube? I've contacted the manufacturer but no response yet.

Thanks all!

Marc S.

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