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"Heads Up" August 2K1

Hey folks,
This is the first "Heads Up" from Topica. I think
those of you who came over from Listbot will agree
that Topica is much better.  If you haven't already
discovered it, Topica offers a digest mode for
receiving List posts. I highly recommend this as it
cuts down on your inbox traffic.
I would like to recommend a site to everyone.
The site's owner Robert Latimer is a good honest
seller that I've dealt with in the past.  He offers
several interesting items for the ACL, as well as a
very cool sounding mini motor for the NPR. He is
particularily adept at locating hard to find items. So
if you have a part (motor, viewfinder, magazine, lens,
handgrip,etc.) that you've been looking for, drop him
a line and see what he can do. Tell him you found him
on the ACL List.
I know I've mentioned him in past posts but Les Bosher
is also another good resource. Go to:
He makes all sorts of stuff for the ACL, as well as
upgrading and modifying the cameras. He is offering an
ACL front mount for Arri SR mini rods, a lens support,
and longer iris rods. He is also working on a low cost
4x4 matte box. He builds just about any lens mount
your heart could desire for the ACL. If you have some
custom work, contact Les and see what he can do. Tell
him you found him on the List as well.
(Too bad these guys don't live in the States.)
I'm also starting a little competition. I've made up
some ACL logo T-shirts and I'll be awarding one every
month or so to whoever comes up with the best question
, best answer, or best overall contribution to the
If you have a spare part or ACL item you don't need
post it to the List. You never know someone else might
need it.
Vive le ACL
-Ray the List Mum

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