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Re: Will these lenses cover Super16?

I've never tried the Angenieux 10mm, but the Angenieux 15mm will just barely cover, so I doubt the 10mm will. *** (The normal Switar 10mm will just manage to cover, and it's a very sharp lens ... much sharper then Angenieux. Through the viewfinder it will appear to vignette slightly, because the mirror inside the camera is set back from the focal plane and sees the circle of coverage as slightly less than actually goes on the film. You can tape a piece of ground glass to your aperture plate to see exactly what a given lens is doing at the film plane). Perhaps someone out there with a Angenieux 10mm and Super-16 camera can let us know for sure.

Most primes 25mm or more should have no problem covering Super-16.

The Angenieux 17-68 will cover Super-16 (just barely at the wide end, but it will work. I have 3 of them. Again, through the finder it may look like it is vignetting slightly at the wide end, but at the film plane there is no vignetting). The 12-120 will only cover at certain focal lengths, (and not at the wide end below 25-30mm). I don't know about the Canon zoom, but most regular-16 zooms will vignette at some focal lengths, especially the wide end.

And of course the above assumes that your lens flange is perfectly centered for Super-16 (I carry Super-16 ACL lens flanges at www.members.aol.com/Super16ACL as items available separately from the kit). Good luck. Mark.

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