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The ACL has arrived!

Hello everyone.

Today is a great day. I just received my Eclair ACL, the first serious cinematographic tool I've had the pleasure to own. I powered everything up and it runs like a dream! (Optical Electro House just serviced it, on the recommendation of many Eclair owners.)

The camera is quiet as a mouse in comparison with the Beaulieu R16 I am accustomed to shooting with. It is QUITE a bit heavier, too. Time for this wimp to hit the weight room. :)

Anyway, I've got a question. I've got two lenses and I'm thinking of selling one to recoup some of the financial damage. I picked up a Angenieux 10-150 T/2.3 lens in absolutely mint condition for a bargain (I think) and the camera came with a very good condition Angenieux 9.5-95 T/2.8. I think I will sell the latter, because it is heavier and slower, and I don't need two lenses to cover almost the same zoom range. Also, I have a 10mm Switar with a fisheye adapter for extreme wide angles.

The only advantage I can see on the 9.5-95 is the quick-zoom lever and the extra 0.5mm of focal length on the wide end. Those advantages, however, are probably not enough to make me want to keep it. Do either of them cover Super16? Is there anything else I should know about these two lenses before selling the 9.5-95? Is one reputed to be much sharper than the other?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I hope nobody minds if I ask a bunch of stupid questions in the near future. :)

Marc S.

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