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Re: Speed Checking your motor.

As I said, those motors varied from unit to unit.  Glad yours is doing
so well.  Here's another tip your message brought to mind:  Use a
higher voltage battery.  The absolute burnout point for that motor,
according to the guys at CP, was over 16v.  I think it was closer to
19v.  Anyway, we bought a 14.4v battery belt specifically for the ACL.
This keeps the voltage always at 12v or more, to get the maximum
power available from the motor.

The end-of-discharge-voltage for a Nicad is 1 volt per cell, so when
the 12-celled 14.4v battery runs down it is still delivering 12v.  We
were able to run several 400' magazines on a charge (so long as it
wasn't a cold day!)

I like your adaptation of the speed checker to the slate, but we have
many situations where no slate is possible.  The light in the eyecup
is always available!

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

super16acl@aol.com 8/28/01 10:54:42 PM >>>
That's a great idea about the fibre optic cable. Another thing I do,
for peace of mind, is fasten a Tobin Speed Checker box (about $125) to my slate (I added a micro switch to the slate that turns on when the clapper is up, and turns off when the clapper is down, for auto on/off by wiring the switch into the box's battery line). That way I get confirmation that the motor is at speed at the start of each take. It helps me sleep better while the film is in the lab (I ship from LA to Du Art, and it takes a week to get dailies back).

I have a CP motor that has driven many 400 foot mags a day without
problem, as long as the battery is fresh. I have a battery for each mag, and always change to a new fully charged battery with every mag change. But admittedly since I live in LA I've never had to worry about cold weather. Mark.

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