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Re: Aminima 200' loads

Hi TY,
You just need core plate adaptors on the feed and take
up sides of the mag. You might be able to get away
with just a plain core adaptor but the plates work
best. It's the same principle as a 400' mag with a
400' load, only half size. The Aminima film loads are
really just 200' core loads on a standard 2" film core
with removable plastic daylight flanges. When I use
them I remove the flanges in the changing bag. You can
load it just like a regular daylight load if you leave
the flanges on. I think the camera runs quieter
without them though. The film is wound emulsion out,
which is what you need for the ACL 200' mags, and it
is single perf, ideal for anyone who has converted to
Super 16. The only drawback to the film loads is no
black and white and no 800 EI stock. Otherwise it's
great for us ACL owners who had to spool down loads
for our 200' mags. Kodak probably never even thought
of the ACL when they marked the stock "Aminima only".
I hope this answered your question.

ps. You can find the core plates on ebay from time to
time or build your own from an Arri or Bolex core
adaptor. See other postings regarding this.

--- playero@caribe.net wrote:
Hello all,

What is required to run 200' A-Minima loads on ACL
200' mags? Is an adapter required for both the feed & take up sides of the mag? If so, specifically which adapter - and where can they be


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