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Closing Down Movie Equipment Sale

I'm closing down the used equipment side of my web site
There are some ACL mags, convertors, lenses and kits that may be of interest to you all at very low prices.  Also, some of the equipment is going to be auctioned on Ebay.  Other items I have for sale I am advertising on this posting only, as they comprise of unique spare parts for the ACL.  Not having the time to return all converted parts back to the original camera, I'm breaking down a complete S16 ACL kit as follows.

The ACL I'm going to break down comprises of the following:
Viewfinder $450
Motor with 24fps crystal $450
400ft S16 mag $350
400ft S16 mag $350
Mirror arm $400 or I can replace broken mirrors for $250
VF Prism $500
Drive Cam $300
Super 16mm Gate/Shutter/Port $500
Electronic Embase unit $100
ACL2 electronic embase unit $150

Please note that the mags have been FULLY converted.  This means that the throat has been spark eroded to S16 and all the rollers have been converted.

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me and mention this posting.


Robert Latimer

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