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Re: Anamorphic lens

--- Mark <super16acl@aol.com> wrote:
Elmo made a very nice anamorphic adapter for its
16mm projectors. I have used it in front of the regular "flat" projection lens on a 35mm projector and it is quite sharp. And it certainly doesn't seem to vignette. It is a very good-looking piece of glass that might be worth experimenting with --- you'd need to create a coupler on a lathe to attach it to the front of your camera lens, and then use a "cradle" support underneath. My guess is that this lens would be sharper than a lens made for camcorders or still cameras. I've never shot with it, though. Perhaps they are now going for a good price on eBay. Mark.

If the Elmo lens is like the Proskar I use, the key to
sharp focus is the correct focus of the anamorphic
lens, AND the taking lens. With the combination
correctly set up, I certainly get acceptably sharp
pictures. The down side of this is that pulling focus
over a wide range could theoretically be difficult,
although in practice I've had few problems.

As for camcorder attachments, I guess that if the CCD
is roughly 16mm size, and the optics are good, it
would do very well. Just a guess though, I'm not all
that familiar with current video gear!

Regards to all

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