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RE: Eclair ACL Do it yourself projects

I built a bridge plate for my ACL - but I have access to a machine shop.
It  accomodates 15mm rods, so I can use all Arri accessories on my ACL.  I
have focus rings on my lenses for follow focus units and a 4 X 4 Arri swing
matte box.  With all that stuff mounted, my ACL looks like a grown up

There's a shot of it on my web page (home page, mouse over 'printable
resume') but it's not very clear.

I built little on board batteries too...I used 10 AA size NiMh batteries
soldered them together, stuck 'em in a case, but a 4 pin XLR connector on
them, added a little velcro and walla!  Each battery will run the camera
almost all day under normal narrative or documentary conditions.  I made 4,
but found that I had too many batteries to manage.  One went down, and I
haven't repaired it.  Each battery cost $40 or so and took about an hour
each to make.

I bought a charger for around $85 which works perfectly. It even discharges
the batteries and reconditions them.

I bought a videotap from Electro Optical House which works fine.  It cost
$600.  It was worth the extra $200 - $300 not futzing around for days
trying to reinvent the wheel....

Warren Yeager, SOC

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