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Eclair ACL Eclair Video Tap

The video tap for the ACL I designed on AutoCad and had manufactured as part of a video assist system I was working on for Eclair cameras.  The most cost effective way is to clip a camera onto the viewfinder, but I stopped short of supplying the cameras because of numerous problems.
Firstly, getting NTSC cameras in the UK is next to impossible.  Plenty on the net, but I would have got hit by thieving customs and excise duty in the UK.  Secondly, the flicker problem on most mini board cameras (the gain control correcting itself everytime the shutter closes) was also causing a pain.  Trying to find low cost flickerless mini board cameras is not easy, especially when you can't get acces to ONE single NTSC camera.  Rather than abandon the whole idea, I thought I'd supply the tap and let everyone find their own cameras.



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I acquired the video tap coupling from Robert. I'll let you know and how it all comes together. Mark.
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