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Re: Eclair ACL new camera soon

It depends upon what you are trying to show and how well you are
equipped.  Kodak 7246 - 250D should do great for shooting the interior
occupants using light coming in from outside, but the exterior will be
pretty burned up.

If you can gel the windows behind the subjects with ND60 you can pull
down the exterior exposure.  Keep the windows behind the camera
ungelled and they'll provide good light for the occupants.

Or, if you have the equipment to boost the interior lighting (HMI
lights shooting through the windows) you can use slower 7245 - 50D or
7248 - 100T with #85 filter. This works better if the occupants don't
have to drive the car and it is being towed by a camera car. Otherwise, the glare is pretty difficult for them.

For shooting out through the windshield, use whatever you use for
exteriors--7245 or 7248.

If you can't get the Tobin motor you might investigate the Haflexx,
which is what we've had for several years.

Box 525
Peterborough, NH 03458

Wade K. Ramsey, DP
Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
Bob Jones University
Greenville, SC 29614

youmayaskyourself@hotmail.com 9/18/01 10:59:00 AM >>>
Hello everyone: I will be getting my ACL soon; hopefully next week. It is a sort of mix and match ACL, but everything is in good condition and recently serviced. The only bad thing is that it has the dreaded 24/25-200 ft mag only motor, but the camera was very low priced so much so that I will be able to upgrade to the Tobin motor when it becomes available.

I have two questions regarding the first film I wish to shoot with
1. What film would you recommend for daylight car interior; shot
inside as well as through the windshield?

2. Does anyone know a good place to get film processed in Munich?



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