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RE: Eclair ACL Pre-purchase questions

I'm in agreement with Mark. Any ACL should be able to be made into a "II" if you add the right accessories. One thing I would add, an ACL II is a later model and in theory should be newer and have less miles on it. Mind you that is in theory. I bought two English ACL's, a 1 and a 1.5 and they are in mint condition, whereas you might run across an ACL 2 that was in a film school and it is beat to hell. I would try to get as much camera as you can afford. Don't break the bank trying to buy a 2 when a 1 or 1.5 will do the job. You gotta save some cash for filmstock. Trying to piecemeal together a camera can cost you more in the long run and as Mark stated it is often hard to find things like HD motors and orientable viewfinders. Regarding the viewfinders, you can use the Cinema Products orientable finder found on the CP16-R with later model ACL's. I see those from time to time on ebay and the CP-16 can often be had cheap. Keep the viewfinder and sell off the camera.

Hopefully we'll be seeing the Tobin ACL motor soon (hint, hint, Clive:)

One of the great things about buying a camera these days is a good ACL 2 can be had for under $3000 and a good 1 or 1.5 can be had for $1500 to $2000. I bought my first ACL, a 1, for $3500 in 1998. Barebones, and I mean barebones! I added to it over the years and it's been a great camera for me.

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