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Re: Eclair ACL AS IS lens

I open up almost everything --- and even I won't open a lens. (actually, I've opened a few, to my regret). But don't spend too much to service an old Angenieux prime --- you might be able to get a clean Switar 10mm on eBay for the price of cleaning the Angenieux; it's sharper. Also, when you look into cleaning it, check to see if it's collumated ok (they should check it for free). With a wide lens if the collumation is off you can get less than razor-sharp images at infinity without being able to tell through the viewfinder. I've sadly found in buying AS IS lenses that the cost of service to get it up to specs can sometimes be more than the fair-market value of the lens. But maybe there's an Angenieux expert on the list who can walk you through it gratis???

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