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Re: Eclair ACL Just got mine last night

Hi all,
I suppose it's about time I joined in .
As you may be aware , I am a manufacturing Camera Engineer making amonst many other things , Super 16 Conversions for the ACL + all sorts of other goodies .
I'm currently making a Hand Grip for the ACL to fit via a Bridge Plate , onto my Support Bars . I'm using the 24mm Dia toothed ring as per ACL .
If anyone out there has one of the larger rings , & is prepared to measure it for me , I'll happily make some.
They sure aint expensive to make , if you know how.!
I need the diameter , number of teeth , spacing & size of the fixing holes , thickness etc ,metric or imperial.




----- Original Message ----- From: Mark To: EclairACL@topica.com Sent: Saturday, September 29, 2001 7:22 AM
 Subject: Re: Eclair ACL Just got mine last night

Yep, the Rosettes on the model 1 and 1.5 grip are different in number of teeth (fewer) and diameter(smaller) compared to the ACL II grip. That''s a good idea about the hard rubber washer. I once inquired about having the rosettes made (when I was thinking about marketing a camcorder-type battery holder), and it would cost a lot to machine one. Probably it's cheaper to buy the side-thingee designed for the ACL II handle to screw into, if one could ever be found. Maybe Robert at Movie House has one for sale(?). Mark.
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