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Re: Eclair ACL Switar Lenses

The reason Switars without AR are more expensive is that they are generally
newer , as they have been made for the Reflex Bolexes .
Thera is no different make of Switar as it is a designation by Kerne , the
manufacturer of the Lenses.
As to performance , they were made for Film , & one day , in my opinion , TV
might just come near to the quality of Film . Not many TV images get
projected onto a Cinema Screen , for instance !!!
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Thanks for the responses - it looks like "Anti Reflective" is the
winner. I wonder: I see a lot of non RX switars without the "AR" label
and have noticed that these typically sell for more than an "AR" lens.
Does this mean that AR lenses are generally older and perhaps have a
less inferior anti reflective coating?

I guess I'm really interested in knowing the differences between
different makes of non RX switars.

While I'm on this topic could I ask, out of curiosity, what some of you
out there use for switar primes and how you're satisfied/dissatisfied
with their performance? Also, what format these opinions relate to (low
def TV/high def TV/projected print).


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