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RE: Eclair ACL voltage for ACL motor?

Hi, Ray

I have four original ACL batteries and a charger that runs on 220 and 110
volts, it's switch able. My batteries are nickel cadmium inside and they're
all shot. I'd like to have them recalled. What's the best way to go about


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Hi all,
I'm building some onboard battery packs for my ACL and I'm trying to
decide whether I should build them with the standard 12v power or should
I up it to 13.2 volts?  I recall a previous posting regarding upping the
voltage to the ACL single speed motor helped alleviate some of the
flickering problems with 400' english mags. Can anyone tell me if it's
safe to run the ACL motor at 13 volts? Is there a real improvement using
a 13 volt source? My thinking is if I use a fresh, higher voltage
battery with each 400' magazine it should solve the problem. I found a
site that builds 12v packs for cold weather applications and they
actually spec their 12v batteries with 13 volts. I live in Minnesota.
Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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