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Re: Eclair ACL getting my camera

thank you everyone for your response. I was considering the AAton LTR-7
found an awesome one..but the limited 32 frames maximum frame rate make
me think
otherwise. The Arri SR1 is can be found in my price range ...but the S16
from a reputable place i.e PS TekniK runs from 5000 to 9000 . Also I
have quite
a wide range of 35mm nikkon lenses that i wish to experiment with using
the Eclair
i.e Shift/Tilt, fisheye, macro , telephoto. I understand the quality
wont be the same
as a film lens but here in our facilty we have our own HD telecine and 4
I will be color tweaking the footage a lot.
thats why my choice lies with the ACL.  ps. RObert ..can I get your
phone number
so that we can talk.

thanks everyone
arman : matin

cg director : artist
rhinoceros vfx : nyc


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