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RE: Eclair ACL Tobin ACL motor

Yep it's boxy. But Mark has a point. Let's see some
get in the pipeline before we judge it. Clive has
someone testing the first unit, so maybe we can get
his comments. Keep in mind that the motor was designed
so the camera will sit flat with a 400' mag. I don't
know about you but my ACL sits on my shoulder at the
bottom of the mag when I'm handholding it, not up
around the motor.

--- Mark <super16acl@aol.com> wrote:
Although the Tobin Motor looks as though it may not
be great for hand holding, we won't know until someone has taken one out for a spin. I was skeptical about the ACL II base because it was bigger, until I got one --- the Tobin motor might actually act as a sort-of chest rest (might need a little pad added), and without the side-weight of the motor. You never know. Mark.

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