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RE: Eclair ACL Tobin ACL motor

Hi guys,
First off, if you read my previous post, the guy who was supposed to test out the motor is out of town, has not picked it up yet, and may not do so until some time later next month. So nobody yet is testing it.

For sending me the camera, we don't need the motor, base, lens or mag. I don't know how to suggest shipping it. We used to get good service from Express Mail. However, the motor I sent to Germany on Sept. 10 (one day before the day of infamy) which was supposed to arrive in 3 days, took about SIX WEEKS to finally be delivered.

I suppose maybe they opened all the packages looking for bombs, then opened them all again looking for anthrax powder. However, no explanation or apology was forthcoming.

I will try to shoot a picture of a motor by itself and add it to the web page. It is hard to see detail in something that is all black.

Clive Tobin
at acer-access dot com

Salvador Calvo wrote:
I am quite desperate for a motor because my ACL still has the old single speed
I am a bit disapointed with the looks of the new Tobin one, but looks aren´t

It would be great if a couple of close up pics were added to the motor page, as
it is difficult to see details.

As some of you already know I live in Spain, so I would like to ask Clive Tobin what´s the best way to send him my camera should I decide buying a motor. Is it
enough to send just the body without a motor and mag?....

I am also interested in a price list from Les Bosher, speacially for the matte
box and mini rods.


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