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RE: Eclair ACL Rare ACL Info

Hi Robert,
I would be interested in all three items. Are all for sale?

I'm working on a website (www.eclair-acl.com) and I would be like to post any info I can find there. I hope to get the thing up by January. It would be a one stop shop for all things ACL.

By the way I have a circuit diagram for the Cinema Products motor upgrade of the ACL single speed motor. If anyone is interested I can send it to you. Mark also has it on his site at http://members.aol.com/super16acl/menu.htm

The Movie House wrote:
Somebody sent me an original price list for the ACL dating from 1977. The
orignal body is listed at £2619 ($3928).  The motor is listed at £2092
($3138) and a 200ft mag cost £717 ($1075).  Incidentally, if anyone is
remotely interested the torque of the ACL is listed at approx 30mNm. Never seen that info before, if anyone has a more accurate torque figure I'd like
to hear it.

By the way, I just found an original ACL spare parts catalogue (not a
photocopy) This is a 56 page manual that shows very large exploded diagrams
of absolutely every component part of the ACL.  You could construct the
entire camera with this.  Any bidders?

I have an instruction manual that gives the circuit diagram for the ACL
embase unit and the small, original instruction manual for the ACL. Does
anyone have any other rare circuit diagrams for the ACL out there?



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