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Re: Eclair ACL

I just noticed that small dashed line also.  I was
under the impression that both sides of the magazine
were driven by the motor to stay in sync.  If that
were the case then you wouldn't be able to flip it
over and have it work, but if it worked for you, it
must not be driven.  So just to verify with everyone
else, the only side of the magazine driven by the
motor is the take-up side? Is this the same for all of
the French, English, 200, and 400ft mags?

Thanks for the quick replys Chris and Marc, I
appreciate it.


--- Marc Syp <mpsyp@hotmail.com> wrote:

I never thought about this.  I've only loaded my ACL
once, and did so with emulsion-side-in film. What I did was flip the spool over so that the film did a 180 going into the light trap. This would mean that the film supply spindle would turn the opposite way as it's supposed to... but I didn't had any problems. I notice that in the instruction manual there is a dotted line that looks as if it could be an indication of doing it my way... is that right? Anyway, how does everyone else deal with this... special order? Respool film, emulsion side out? Or just flip it
over and do it my way?


Marc S.

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