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Re: Eclair ACL heads and tripods

O'Connor 50's are pretty heavy.  A O'Connor 30 is better suited for an ACL.
I have a Sachtler Video 18II which is great.  It's not as heavy as an
O'Connor 30, and it's much smoother.  O'Connor heads are built like
battleships.  Sachtlers are slightly more delicate, but having said that,
mine's over 10 years old, and it rides with the rest of my gear without the
protection of a case (unless I'm shipping it, of course, then I use a tripod
tube) and it's kicking along just fine.  I think Sachtlers are more
expensive than O'Connors, but you might find a deal on Ebay.  The Sachtler
7X7 would be good for you.  It's a little lighter than the Video 18.
There's a 3X3 too, but they only have three drag settings on the tilt and
the pan.

Remember that one of the great things about ACLs is that they're light, so
you don't need heavy camera support.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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Subject: Eclair ACL heads and tripods

I have just purchased an ACL and am trying to figure things out. What
can anyone tell me about an O'conor 50 fluid head. I am planning on
shooting wildlife and weight is a major concern. I am looking for a head
that is good but not too heavy or bulky. Also i have heard great things
about the schatler tripods, but I dont know what particular model would
be a good place to start. I would like carbon fiber but I think that the
cost would be to high for me at the moment. Any advice would be very
appreciated!  thanks   jason

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