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Re: Eclair ACL New to 16mm: Regarding super16

There are several people who do.  It depends on where you are.  I personally
know George Zorzoli at Electro - Optical House in Culver City, CA.  He does
great work.  I take my ACL to him for maintainence and repairs and he always
gets the job done.  I know he modifies ACLs for mini rods, video taps, video
assists and S16 conversions.


I don't mean to leave out some of the other people who particpate in this
list.  Several of them sound very experienced and I'm sure they do terriffic
jobs.  I just happen to deal with George and can speak from first hand

Warren Yeager, SOC
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I know that the Eclair ACL can be converted to Super16.  Can anyone tell
me who does this service and how much it costs?


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