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Re: Eclair ACL Update! New ACL offerings

Please send me pics and US pricing for the items you mentioned.
Chris Bell
Advanced Media Services, Inc.
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Subject: Eclair ACL Update! New ACL offerings

Hi all,
Although he is currently floating on a boat somewhere out in the middle of the Mediterranean, I have received word from Les Bosher that he has finished work on his new handgrip for the ACL. It can be mounted to a set of Arri mini rods via a bracket for better balance or to your camera if you have a grip mount already installed. He has also finished a batch of aperture plates to cover the body cavity when the mags are off the camera. I have pix of all the above items. Email me if you are interested. I also have some additional pix of Les' PL adaptor. It's a real work of art. It needs to be seen to be appreciated. Stainless steel and very heavy duty.

Please email me for an updated US price list.

Les' is also finishing up an adaptor plate that will allow the mounting of a 4x4 mattebox with rods to a Canon XL-1 mini-DV cam. Pretty cool if you are into DV.

Ray (the List Mum)

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