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Re: Eclair ACL ACL Questions

In a message dated 11/13/2001 12:17:24 PM Pacific Standard Time, cbell00@home.com writes:

Hi Chris:

Yes, you can still use Regular 16. When and if you choose to etch your ground glass permanently, you'll have 2 choices --- a pattern that shows the Regular-16 area inside of the Super-16 full aperature, or a pattern that shows HDTV/1.85. Personally, I'd take the latter and just pencil in the Regular-16 area for as long as you require it, since it is going obsolete. Then you can just wash the R-16 marking off with alcohol on a Q-Tip without even having to remove the g.g. from the camera. Hopefully Super-16 should be around for the foreseeable future. Of the 4 major networks, 2 plan to adopt the 1125i standard, and 2 the 720p standard. That should keep producers scared of committing to HD for a while longer.

Tech info is on my site at:

www.members.aol.com/super16acl  on the Techs page

I understand that the Zeiss can be modified (it becomes a 12-120) for about $2500. Check with Century Precision Optical in Burbank, CA, or I think Zeiss will even do it (although they may charge more).


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