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Eclair ACL more ACL questions

Hi Sean,
Glad to hear some feedback on Bernie O'Doherty. I'm leaning towards him to put in my HD144 gold kit. The price he quoted me for an overhaul, S16 upgrade, and groundglass lightening was outstanding.

Question: Can your CNC program be transferred to other computers if the shop is CNC equipped? I ask because I would rather do it locally if possible. It would help if my shop could just pop in a floppy and start cutting.

For those interested, I purchased a DIY powdercoating system. I bought it with the intention of doing repaints on Beaulieu super 8 cameras (red, blue, yellow, etc). The ACL body could easily be repainted in a new powdercoat. Black wrinkle coat is easy to come by as well as dark (Arri) grey and smooth matte black. Please contact me if you are interested. I will consider offering that as a service if the interest is there. If you are going to do a Super 16 upgrade why not give it a smart new paint job as well.

When Les Bosher gets back from vacation I will ask him about a super 16 conversion of the Zeiss 10-100. Any other lenses that people would like to see converted? Maybe the Angie 10-150? Les' forte is lenses and he might be able to come up with something that won't put you us the poor house.

Paradime wrote:
Hi Chris:

Bernie is presently converting my ACL with a gold kit and he has been very impressed with the quality. He is an excellent tech and a joy to work with. I have a shop that can CNC the lens mount area for the s16 mount that is part of the kit. The machining looks factory when finished. Cost on this is $100 and turn around is fast as the CNC program is stored in the computer. I also powder coat painted my camera as the paint was extremely battered. Powder coat is the most durable paint I could find. I am very happy with the results, but this process is very expensive about $120.00 I will write more about the conversion and a new circuit board for the embase I am building as soon as I receive my finished camera.

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I understand that the Zeiss can be modified (it becomes a 12-120) for about $2500. Check with Century Precision Optical in Burbank, CA, or I think Zeiss will even do it (although they may charge more).

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