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RE: Eclair ACL Mikey's ACL and buying an ACL

Hi Victoria,
Welcome to the List. I remember Mikey from the good 'ol days of InSync magazine. He used to write these one page essays about well, I'm not quite sure, but they usually involved telling people to get out and make their movie! Which can't be bad advice. Unfortunately it looks like the price he is trying to get for his camera is from the good 'ol days as well. In today's market $5200 is way too much for any ACL. His camera looks like an ACL 1.5 which should be priced at about $2500 tops. This is just my opinion and I'm sure Mikey might think otherwise. There was a beautiful, almost new looking ACL 1.5 that went for $3000 on ebay recently. It was in better shape than the camera Mikey is selling.

InSync can be a good resource, but I haven't looked at one in a couple of years. You will probably find better prices on ebay. But as others have said, you have to be careful. Personally I've had good luck and picked up a couple of beautiful ACL's there. Just be sure to ask alot of questions. "How are the optics?", "What is the history of the camera?", "Is the seller the original owner?" etc, etc. If you feel the least bit uneasy about a deal don't bid. There is always at least one ACL up for auction on ebay, so there will always be another.

I know of a dealer in Australia that has a couple of ACL's available. Email me and I'll give you his address. He's a good guy and very honest.


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