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RE: Eclair ACL Battery Options

Thanks Julian. Do you think the adaptor cup would support the battery while on the camera? If it could be mounted to the back of the pilotone module it might be a ready made mount for batteries.


Julian Williamson wrote:

NP-1's are, rather, the ubiquitous batteries that many Sony Pro Camcorders use (Sony developed this style of battery)... THey're about 2 3/4" wide x 7" long by 3/4" deep. A lot of chargers, etc. have been developed for them,
there are even NiMH and LiIon models, as well as 12 and 13.2v nicad


> From: cinesota@yahoo.com
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> Date: Fri, 16 Nov 2001 20:08:35 +0000
> To: EclairACL@topica.com
> Subject: RE: Eclair ACL Battery Options
> > Hi all,
> Good thread!  I've been trying to devise a way to mount batteries to my
> ACL via the pilotone module.  Both of my ACL's have one.  I keep them on
> the cameras because the handgrip rosette is useful, but pilotone in this
> day and age is useless.
> > My plan was to gut the module, replace the pilotone socket with a 4pin
> xlr socket, and then wire it out to the camera via a pigtail.  The
> reason for doing this is I picked up an Aaton handgrip cheap and I want
> to wire the start/stop switch through the converted module.  All this is
> relatively easy.  For the batteries, I bought some plastic project boxes
> (like you find at Radio Shack)and installed 12 AA nimh cells with a
> short 4pin xlr pigtail coming out.  Now where I'm running into a problem
> is mounting the cells to the pilotone module.  Anyone have any
> suggestions? I considered cutting keyholes into the boxes and mounting a
> couple of button head screws into the back of the pilotone module that
> would slip into the keyholes and hold it into place. But the plastic is
> pretty soft and I don't think it will hold up very well over time.  I
> thought about putting velcro onto the sides of my mags but I want to
> devise something that is independent and won't get in the way during mag
> changes.
> Julian mentioned a battery cup for NP-1 batteries.  Are NP-1's the
> ubiquitous camcorder batteries used with the old Panasonic VHS
> camcorders?  They would be an ideal battery for the ACL.  Do you think
> the cup would support the battery while on the camera?
> > As a side note, Mark at Super16ACL is working on a battery mount that
> would allow camcorder batteries to be side mounted on the ACL and
> provide a rosette for the handgrip.  He has a pic on his website.
> > Cheers,
> Ray
> > ps. Glad to see Perry on the List. As some of you may know, he had the
> first ACL website way back in the day (1998?).  Welcome Perry! I look
> forward to an updated site.
> >

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