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RE: Eclair ACL Battery Options

This sounds way easier and cheaper than my plan. I have a question though - I've never done anything with rechargables before, can you charge the pack through the XLR connector or do you have to build in a seperate socket. My electronics knowledge is pretty basic, any help you can provide would be apprieciated, I'd like to put together a few of these.



Warren wrote:
I bought 10 1.2v NiMh AA batteries (with solder tabs), soldered them
together in series, put them in a little box, but a pigtail with an XLR
connector on them, put a little velcro on my mags, and some on the
batteries.  I build two, and then seemed to run the camera for about one
400' load, so I built 2 more.  Then I hit the 'recycle' button on my
charger. Now, each battery will run the camera pretty much all day. I have too many batteries to manage!! One went down, but I haven't fixed it yet. Three batteries is plenty. I have an ACL II with the HD motor. I bought a
video tap, so I'll put a connector in the battery case for that too.
There's enought room.

Each battery probably cost $40 or less. Alexander Battery has a really cool
charger which I bought.

PS...remember to recycle your NiMh and NiCad batteries. Any Radio Shack or Circuit City will take them. Just ask at the cashier's desk, or look for
the Richard Karn (Al, from TV's 'Home Improvement') posters.  For more
information, log on to www.rbrc.org

(I shot the PSA series for the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation)

Warren Yeager, SOC
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> Go for the 14.4v size.  You'll get a lot more footage out of it.
> Wade K. Ramsey, DP
> Dept. of Cinema & Video Production
> Bob Jones University
> Greenville, SC 29614
> >>> joshuatunick@hotmail.com 11/15/01 4:23:49 PM >>>
> Hello everyone -
> I just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm working on some
> different
> battery options for the ACL. Originally I was working on an Anton
> Bauer
> mount, and may end up doing it anyway, but I recently found out that
> DeWalt cordless tool batteries would work just as well and at a
> fraction
> of the price. I'm going to try and make a mount for those batteries
> and
> see how that goes. Thay are NiCad and you can get them at 12 volts
> and
> at 14.4 volts. I'm going to go with 14.4 volts unless someone can
> think
> of any reason not to - the heavy duty motor should do fine at 14.4,
> right?
> I'll keep you posted...
> Joshua

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