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Re: Eclair ACL Battery Options

A possible concern with where the original ACL battery was mounted is that it does put a certain weight on the screws that hold the side-piece in place, and these screws in turn go into the Base Plate of the camera. Under weight of the battery tugging on the Base Plate, this has the "theoretical" possibility of changing by a microscopic amount the collomation of the lens flange to film plane distance. While I would have hoped that Eclair took this into account and found it negligible, they never did solve the problem of camera weight under the handle causing magazines to pre-maturely release --- so ...... (I've designed an improved magazine lock ... a wedge that goes between the latch and the top of the mag; in effect the mag forces the latch not merely to stay in position, but to actually make the latch hold the mag more firmly than normal. It's the end of a clothes pin with an ACL logo on it! >>> photo at members.aol.com/Super16ACL/misc3.htm).

The camcorder battery holder that I designed for my own camera attaches to a block that screws into the place where the pilot module went, and this block is threaded to accept a handle (photo at members.aol.com/Super16ACL/splash.htm ). No weight on the mechanism at all, just on the body housing itself. It's fantastic --- but they are expensive to make in small quantities, and when I originally put a notice up on my site looking for interest, I only had a handful of responses. The prototype cost me over $400 to make, and unless they were produced in large quantity (2 dozen) it just isn't worth it --- to anybody. I though about redesigning a cheaper version eventually, but it sounds like there are enough good ideas out there to come up will a simpler answer which is great since I don't want to be the parts business. (I''m trying not to come up with any more ideas!) Mark.

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