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Re: Eclair ACL Need help! Jaeger connectors

le 20/11/01 7:37, cinesota@yahoo.com à cinesota@yahoo.com a écrit :

It worked! Thanks Julian.

I got the buggers out but what a pain. That settles it. I'm converting
my ACL's to XLR and never looking back.  Anyone need some ACL power
cables with Jaeger connectors?


True those Jaeger connectors are tricky to dismantle and solder back. Each
time you do there's a chance it dies and that's how my own cable got
somewhat fragile. So if you're ready to send it over to France, I could use
yours. I'll pay for the shipping.

By the way, I have a couple questions about our good friend ACL :

1. Anyone having a spare MIVAR motor ? I have the older fixed speed motor on
my camera and could use a variable speed one.

2. Anyone tried to power the camera from a 12 V DC transformer ? I don't see
why it wouldn't work as long as the transformer can deal with the 1.3 amps
the motor seems to ask for (according to Perry's site - I think read 0.8
amps somewhere else : maybe that's the older motor ?).

3. Once I tried to film a PAL TV screen using my 25 fps crystal, the bar was
slowly moving anyways... Did that ever happen to someone ? I thought that
using 25 fps on a 50 Hz screen would freeze the bar, which I therfore could
try to eliminate by a few trial and error starts of the camera.

Thank you for your help - and bravo for the acl web site.

At L'Abominable (a film-makers coop about 10 km from where the acl was designed)
Nicolas Rey

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