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Re: New Crystal Motor for the Eclair ACL

29.97fps would be a good option.   Also, I've gotten some good use out of my
75fps speed.

Warren Yeager, SOC
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From: "Robert Latimer" <themoviehouse@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 8:43 AM
Subject: New Crystal Motor for the Eclair ACL

I've corrected the first two pages of the Spare Parts manual.  Every page
should be accessible now.

Meanwhile I'd appreciate some feedback on design for a new motor for the
which will be available on my web site next year.  I've finally got a
manufacture date from the designer, and I'm told it will be ready for sale
in March of next year.

The spec is as follows:
The motor and electronics have been designed specifically for the ACL.  It
will fit onto the ACL in the same way as your existing motor (side drive).
The motor comes with an adaptor plate that is screwed in place of your
current motor adaptor plate, the motor can therefore be quickly locked
and removed in the field.  The motor is roughly the same size as the
original heavier duty ACL motor.  It weighs approximately 1 lb, runs
completely silently, drawing approx 1.4amps at 12v with a full 400ft load.
Running speeds are 16, 24, 25, 32, 40, 50fps crystal.  The motor has auto
mirror positioning, on/off switch, sync lamp, battery indicator, a 12volt
XLR input and will also allow power to be drawn from the original ACL base
Jaeger connector.  The price will be $1300.

Although running speeds can become a major issue, it would be interesting
hear if the majority of potential buyers would prefer any alternate
speeds.  They type of on/off switch, and position of indicators preferred
would also be useful feedback.

Would users prefer to maintain their existing base unit, or would everyone
rather use the industry standard 12volt XLR / Canon adaptor that would be
fitted to the motor?  Of course, with the tripod thread placed in the
unit, removing it completely would mean finding an alternative method to
mounting your camera, but if you have no embase units (like my own ACL) it
will make little difference.

Any feedback on this forum would be appreciated.  For any advance ordering
information please e-mail rob@movie-house.com

By the way, if anyone is wondering about the Movie House impending
we've shifted completely to new products and accessories only.  The last
our camera kits are being auctioned on Ebay and we will no longer be
in camera packages except by proxy.

So if anyone is looking for an Eclair 35mm Cameflex on the cheap, try this



Robert Latimer


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